In The Studio / New Releases: March/April/May 2018

In The Studio:

New Releases:

In The Studio: December 2017 – February 2018

Tony went to Muscles Shoals and did the studio trifecta!  FAME Recording Studios / Muscle Shoals Sound 3614 Jackson Highway / Muscle Shoals Sound Cypress Moon.

Tony and Warren had two great sessions at Q Division in Feb. Shout out James!

In The Studio: September 2012

The Loud Clappers are mixing their next 4 song 7”. No handclaps were recorded. Tom Hauck is recording your musical invitation to get onboard The Obama Train. Litehouse have turned the electricity back on to finish four tracks they started last May. Renee & Joe continue to develop their debut LP. The Singing Poet Lisa Manning is back in with more harmonic pentameter. Geoff Small cut a master for his latest hit “Stranger Danger”. Harhay is cutting more drums to take back to his overdub asylum.