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Call MeDino Lenny

TV MoviesPapas Fritas

Way You WalkMarc Almond and So


Selected Covers and Exploitations:

“Way You Walk” (iTunes) – “Subway” for Dentyne Ice by Warner Bates (2002)

“TV Movies” (iTunes) for Luxxotica (1996)

“Guys Don’t Lie” (iTunes) – “The Real World” (1996)

“Hey Hey You Say” (iTunes) – “Daria” (Write Where it Hurts, Season 2) (1998)

“What Am I Supposed to Do” (iTunes) – “Roswell” (Into The Woods, Season 1) (2000)

“Say Goodbye” (iTunes) – covered by Ivy (2002)

“Questions” (iTunes) – “Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd” (2003)

“I Believe In Fate” (iTunes) – “Point Pleasant” (Hell Hath No Fury, Season 1) (2005)

“Call Me (Radio Edit)” (iTunes)Dino Lenny (2006)

“Far From An Answer” (iTunes) – “Wrestling” (2008)

“Way You Walk” – covered by So and Marc Almond (2008)