Bang A Song Studios

IMG_4554Bang A Song is the name of the publishing company and recording studio Tony Goddess founded once pApAs fritAs stopped working in 2000.  Since that time Bang A Song has published Tony’s individual compositions and co-writes in addition to co-writes by pApAs fritAs drummer Shivika Asthana.

Bang A Song, the public recording studio, started life under the late great Disc Diggers in Somerville, MA, spent a few fun months channeling the Shaggs in the ancient Fleetwood Recording Studios of Revere, MA and finally set up shop on Main Street in the Goddesses adopted home town of Gloucester, MA.  Bang A Song is a classic hybrid Analog/Digital recording studio.  Vintage instruments, microphones and outboard equipment feed the clients choice of Pro Tools or analog tape for storage and editing while mixing takes place on the board or in the box, or some combination of the two as the client requests.