Past Projects

Cemented StepsThe Silver Lining

Life Is The PoemWillie Loco Alexander

RoslindaleThe Rudds

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Harry and The Potters

Matt Rhodes


Papas Fritas - Buildings and Grounds

pApAs fritAs

The Rudds - Get The Femuline Hang On

The Rudds

L.E.O. Alpacas Orgling


Megan Wolf

WA and The Fishtones

Jon Butcher

Yo Gabba Gabba (Season 4, DJ Lance's Super Music & Toy Room)

Yo Gabba Gabba Season 4

Having Words With Meg: The Loft on Sirius XM Radio

Meg Griffin on Sirius XM

Willie Loco Alexander Vincent Ferrini's Greatest Hits

Willie Alexander

The Bandit Kings - Epic Hello

The Bandit Kings

John Powhida- The Soul EP

John Powhida

Andrea Gillis - Want Another

Andrea Gillis Band

Renee & Joe


Second Balcony Jump

The Silver Lining Well Dressed Blues

The Silver Lining

High Stakes

Anna Rae

Seth Goodman - The Grand Undoing

Seth Goodman


John Jerome

The BF's (The Boyfriends)

The BF’s (The Boyfriends)

Temper Hang By Your Own Tail


Troubadours (T)

The Troubadours

Jones Creek


Renee & Joe

Satch Kerans - Pieces

Satch Kerans

Chelsea Berry Walk With Me

Chelsea Berry

Dan King Western Color

Dan King (KBMG)

Lisa Manning The Singing Poet

Lisa Manning

Flexa Lyndo Little Every Day Master Plan

Flexa Lyndo

Solar Saturday Demonstration

Solar Saturday

Chelsea Berry

77 Everythings

Jon Butcher


The Only Things



Alexandra & Josh