Tony at Gloucester Writers Center Rock’n’Roll Fish Tales

Last month, Tony told a story at the Gloucester Writer’s Center storytelling event “Rock’n’Roll Fish Tales“, alongside lots of great musicians, writers and storytellers.

Tony’s story about why Papas Fritas only played in Memphis three times during their many US tours features GG Allin, Alex Chilton’s bass player, a knockout punch thrown by a club owner, and some trumped up larceny charges.

A video of the full event can be found here.

In The Studio: May 2015

Jon Butcher jammed.  Lisa Manning performed poetry.  Telamor channeled Kanye. The Instinct mixed it up.  Mike Francis and Wren Sound created songs from thin air.  Hot Lemon squeezed out a mix. Pulp Free OJ squeezed out a senior project.  Don(na) Freylue started a track on acoustic.  Sonic Euphoria cut another collection.

Tony taught a Music Production and Engineering class through the excellent auspices of Sound Harbor.  Thanks to everyone who attended! Look out for more classes in June.

Also coming up in June:

Mosse is growing songs.  Jon Butcher is making magic, Spanish Castle style.  Sarah Kilborne is creating an audio calling card for The Lavender Blues.